I've not posted anything here for a week. How's that for stating the obvious?? ;-) I've not really been doing anything. Then again, I've been doing some work on my website, which is all but ready..only needs the final tweaks and then it's ready to launch. There was a temporary webpage there, but I took it down, so all you'll get right now is a 403 Forbidden error.

Those tweaks have been left for now, since T has been here this weekend, which was so nice. He makes me happy, and very giggly. Hehe, monkey. O;-)
It snowed on Saturday and the snow is still on the ground. I like snow, but I've never seen anybody being that silly about it as T, making footprints wherever we went. Strange that he didn't make any snow angels!

A year ago I made a website for an artist I know. It was never exactly how I wanted it to look, and certainly always needed to be cleaned up a bit. So now the time has come to make a redesign of it. Especially since I know so much more now and, frankly, the old site looks like crap. ;-) So I'm looking forward to working on that, although I wont get paid for it, not a lot anyway. But it's work experience, and I definitely need that! She may also have a friend who'd like me to design a site for her..so, more stuff to do. :-)

My sister's going back to California tomorrow morning. Have a safe trip, wee one.

Microsoft settled with Mike Rowe

Rowe has given Microsoft control of the Web site, said Microsoft spokesman Jim Desler. In return, Microsoft will help him get a new site, direct his Web traffic there and fly him and his family to Redmond in March to attend the company's annual research Tech Fest.

The company also will pay for Rowe's Microsoft certification training, which teaches him about Microsoft technologies, and give him a subscription to a Web site for Microsoft developers. It also will pay for the costs Rowe has incurred in the matter.

And last — but certainly not least to a 17-year-old — Microsoft will give Rowe an Xbox video-game console and let him choose some games from the company store.

I don't know, maybe he should have gone to court over it. After all, how can it be violating their copyright (or whatever), when it's his name?? Oh well. It seems like a happy end, and all's well that ends well.

Aaaand, it would appear that I'm..Britain.. ;-)


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Tuesday, January 27, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 1:44 PM