It's been snowing today, a wee bit. :-)

So, I'm at my parents', and I have a letter to drop off at the mailbox. I go on my merry way, and suddenly I meet an old friend. (I use the term loosely, since I haven't seen her in almost 3½ years, and I'm not entirely sure that we are, indeed, friends.) So she offers me a lift to the mailbox and we chat a bit, so I suggest that she come with me back to my parents' and she does and we chat some more.

Now, to me it seems that she's pretty much the same person as she was before. She was always very "I'm creative and different from everyone else" and "establishment, bah!!", yet she always had a thing about celebs and glamorous people and being cool. And you'd have thought she'd grown away from that. She hasn't. It did get awfully tiresome to listen to her talking about the famous or semi-famous people she's met. I don't give a shit.

Neither of us has had any contact with the people we went to school with (elementary school) for years and I don't give a hoot. To me that is an era that's best forgotten, but she seems to be very interested in hearing whatever gossip I might know about these people. So she could find out if she had become more cool (or whatever) than them. I don't know any gossip about these people, I don't care about them. Whatever they are doing in their lives, I hope they are happy and content. But I don't care one bit. Grow up, missy!

Heh.. Me, telling someone to grow up. But I don't know..I just.. I have no need to be "hip" or "cool". I just want to be me and do things that make me happy. Maybe that is boring to other people. But I don't care. I have nothing to prove to anybody. I am who I am, and that's all good. Being grown up is not bad, and certainly not as boring as it seemed 10 years ago. I can still be silly and have weird interests... I just..don't care what people think now. Their opinion makes no difference, because I do what i want, what I like.

Well, we do share common interests and we might be able to help each other out, so now she's got me email addy. Let's see if she does anything to maintain contact, she hasn't previously. It's not like it would have been that hard to pop round my parents and ask for my phone number or something. Oh well, she'll get the benefit of doubt. Aren't I nice? ;-)

Frozen in Carbonite a la Brick - that is both kinda cool and really, really geeky! :-D I love it! And there's one of the second Death Star as well. {via Boing Boing}

Tuesday, January 20, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 5:07 PM