I was watching a brilliant documentary about Brit Pop last night. Excellent! All the music I was listening to way back then... It probably has a somewhat different meaning to British people.. according to the docu Brit Pop symbolizes people freeing themselves from all things Thatcher.. And I guess it is possible to tell that it is..very creative..very spirited. That does come across. Of course there were interviews with Damon Albarn and the Gallagher lads.. I must say that, well, as much as I do like (some of) their music, I still think the Gallaghers are wankers. :-p
All that crap about them being working class and therefore having a purer soul than, say, Blur... Oh puhlease!

Spitting on the street is disgusting and should be illegal. There was this guy who was waiting for the same bus as me today and he kept spitting on the street.. and he kept pacing back and forth, and all the time passing close by me.. I was worried he'd spit on me!

Ok, I know this isn't the best picture of the old boy, but he's one of my heroes.

He's a Danish scientist, astro-physicist, heavily involved with the European Mars project. Sadly there's been no life signs from Beagle yet. If I had followed one of my childhood passions I'd have become an astronomer, maybe, and if I had, Jens Martin Knudsen up there would have been a inspiration for me. In a way he is anyway, because of his enthusiasm in his field. I hope I can have the same in mine.

Today we had more snow, but it will probably have melted before tomorrow.. Oh well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:44 PM