Oh my, I haven't updated this thing for almost a week! ;-)

Well, update on the exam paper: we were done well in time for Lea to get it to the printer's at 9 am and we thought everything was absolutely peachy. But then it turns out that we had to hand in the project on a cd-rom and not just online.. This completely ruined my plan to make the website on friday afternoon, after handing in the paper. So while Lea was at the printer's, I had to get the website done.. and well..it's not pretty. To be honest it looks like crap. And were not even allowed to make any changes to it afterwards.. So that totally sucks.

Yesterday I had an exam, which I passed, not with flying colours, but oh well..it's over now. So one final exam on Tuesday and then it's all over. No more college, no more guilty conscience, no more... stress. YAY! :-D

And my sister came back from the US last night. It's good to see her again. Crappy thing that she's planning on going back there in February.. :-/

Christmas shopping. I hate it. So far I've got one prezzie for Henry and one for T. So I still need one for Henry and one for T and something for my dad who, as usual, doesn't have any Christmas wishes.. Why are fathers like that? It's annoying. And my mum, well.. we gonna think of something together, Henry and I.

Countin the days till New Year when T will be here... for almost 6 whole days... it seems so far away... *sigh* I hate this, being away from each other. It's not fair that we have to be apart. Grrr! I want to move there right now! I will eventually, though. Which reminds me that I'll have to sell pretty much all my stuff.. my furniture at least...so umm...if anybody's interested in buying some book cases, a futon sofa/bed a chair and a table, y'all let me know, ok? ;-)

Apparently I'm this kind of postmodernist.... Dunno about the picture though... ;-)

tortured conceptual artist
You are a Tortured Conceptual Artist. Your fellow
postmodernists call you an anachronism, but
you've never cared much about the opinions of
others. After all, most of them are far too
simple-minded to appreciate the nuances of your
work. They talk, while you are part of a lived

Thursday, December 11, 2003 posted by Wardi @ 3:40 PM