My cold is only getting worse, thank you very much. But..oh well.. As long as it stays a cold and doesn't turn into a flu, I think I should be happy. I hate being sick *whine, whine*.

This morning I saw the most amazing sunrise. A thick layer of clouds were hanging very low over the peninsula on the other side of the bay, so there was only a small break between the clouds and the land. At first there was a thin line of deep orange, then it turned more and more golden and coloured the clouds and the sky, so it was a palette of golds and oranges and pinks. Finally the sun itself rose above the peninsula and it was an explosion of gold. So beautiful! I tried taking pictures of it, but didn't turn out very well, I'm afraid.

Got some work done on the website yesterday. Will be very me. There's a banana for you if you can guess the main colour. ;-) I'd like to have it up and runing before Christmas, but since we have the main Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve, that probably ain't gonna happen. So I'm aiming for New Year's.

Now I got all the presents for Christmas, including the ones for T. Hehe. Just need to make some cards for the presents..

On Saturday my friends and I had our annual Christmas "party" (I say "party" like that because noone gets drunk and noone dances, we just eat and talk and listen to music..which is fine), and umm for some reason I always end up chatting with the guys about movies, British TV shows from the 80´s or cars or computers.. This time we actually ended up watching a couple of episodes of Young Ones. I don't I weird? ;-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2003 posted by Wardi @ 3:33 PM