I was fricking nervous that we might not pass that final exam and I think Lea was too. But, as it turned out, we did pass it. And it wasn't "just passed", no. The passing grade is 6 and we got an 8, so we were happy! This means that now I'm done..no more school. Which is pretty weird. But great too! 'Cos it means that the constant guilty conscience over not having read all the stuff you needed to, or done all the work you were supposed to, has now lifted.

And my flat, which, for the better part of a month, has been looking like a bomb had hit it, is now back to its normal state of cluttered cleanliness. Bliss. I've actually been going through a lot of old papers and stuff... Oh my, that sure was a trip down memory lane, but since I want to get rid of the bad kharma (or whatever) in my life, I filled a whole carrier bag with some of all that stuff.

I called Juan last night, just to wish him a safe flight to Europe. Hehe, took him by surprise that I called. ;-D I'm looking forward to seeing him sometime in the new year. It is strange to think about being such good friends with someone that I've never met, only talked to on the phone a few times... So it's going to be interesting to meet him face to face.

Christmas presents update: I need one for my mother, one for my father and one for T. I knwo what I want to give them, so all I have to do is go to the shops and get them.

It snowed the other day..for like 30 mins.. and the snow disappeared almost before it touched the ground.. *sigh* It would be nice if we got a white Christmas, but even better if we had a white New Year.

New Year just can't come soon enough this year! I'm still only counting the days, but that's simply due to my feeble math skills. But come next week, it'll be down to counting hours. I just can't wait, I hate being away from him. Atleast my sister's in the same situation, so she can relate...

Friday, December 19, 2003 posted by Wardi @ 1:02 PM