Blimey! Now my neighbour is listening to Beverly Craven at max volume. AGAIN! I like Beverly Craven..but not on a regular basis and not blaring through the walls from next door! Gahh, she better be brokenhearted, there's no other reason for this kind of behaviour!

In three months I have to move out of this flat, becos it's a "student's flat" (which means a low rent) and I'm no longer a student.. It sucks, cos I like my small flat with the beautiful view. It's the nicest place I've lived. I don't know where I'll be living in three months though. Probably end up at my parents' for a couple of months. But no longer than that, or I'll go bonkers! ;-)
Anyway, becos I'm moving, and moving to England eventually, I have to go through my stuff. And I might as well start now.. take it bit by bit in stead of having to do it all in one week or something... So now I got several bags of old magazines to be taken to recycling, clothes (going to secondhand) and trash..
The funny thing about going through stuff like this, is that things you forgot, you had, surface. Some things I just can't believe I've kept.. Why didn't I throw away that broken clock? Other things bring back a lot of memories, like letters from two girls I met when I was in Rome the first time, taking a language course. I wonder what's happened to them..? And there's a magazine from the day I was born, that my mum gave to me some years back. Photographs of people I haven't seen in ages, old postcards from Tunisia.. Memory lane..

Been playing around a bit with the blog.. Added some bits and pieces.. I've gotten into a habit of cruising other blogs and it seems like the overall tredns is to have a blog that is either black, grey or some other neutral colour, with maybe a photo to liven it up a bit.. Very minimalistic usually. I don't know, I like my blog. I like the what if I'm not trendy? Never have been, why start now? ;-)

So, Juan has been in Europe for little over a week now. I hope he is enjoying himself - and staying out of trouble! Heh! It must be weird to leave everything to go to another continent where you hardly know anybody and have no real plans.. I'm not sure I'd..dare such a thing! I hope he's got a traveler's insurance! ;-p I'm looking forward to seeing him and hearing all about the first leg of his travel. :-)

I have been very lazy of late. Going to bed fairly early, but sleeping till noon even! That ain't good. Sleep is good, and I'm sure I was somewhat lacking of sleep after the exams and all.. But this is too much! I'm not getting things done! I need to get my website done and clean the flat and ..and..and!! Maybe it's becos of the cold? Which seems to be going away now. Thank the Force.

Sunday, December 28, 2003 posted by Wardi @ 4:59 PM