Well, I'm damn proud of myself tonight. I've gotten quite a bit of work done today, so..go me! :-D

Which I had to aswell, cos yesterday I got in so damn late that I couldn't be bothered with any brain activities extending beyond cooking dinner. So instead I decorated the place for Christmas. A couple of days early since I wasn't supposed to do that till on Sunday. But I'll probably be glad I don't have to do it on Sunday seeing as we'll probably still be needing to get a loooot of work done. Cos we have given ourselves a deadline which is Monday so we have plenty of time to revise the paper.

I don't know when I'm supposed to get the site done, but I'm bent on doing it myself. It would be kinda saying "I can't do this" *whining*. And we can't have that, no no no! So if that means having to lose sleep over it...so be it, Jedi. ;-)

Anyway, so now my place is full of glittery hearts and globes and santas and hearts and some really gorgeous tearshaped glass decorations I bought in London. And a nifty pink star that's actually meant to go on a Christmas tree, at the top, but since I don't have a tree, it's sitting on a shelf being all pink and happy. ;-D Heh! And I found my santa hat, which is really cool with sequines and a broad "fur" rim.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Oh aint that the truth. But, gawd, it's tough! I wish we didn't have to be apart like this. But hopefully that will change soon. Ish. Soonish. Just have to be happy about every moment together and.. the longer we are apart, the closer we are to being together again. Happy thoughts. Always look at the bright side of life. Even when it's tough and unfair.

It's been really really foggy here today. Usually there's at least a couple of hours during the day where you don't have to have the lights on, even at this awful dark time of year. But not so today. So that's a bit depressing. If only it'd snow. Atleast then it'd be all pretty outside. But there's no signs of snow for the foreseeable future. Would be nice if we could have a white Christmas. ut even better if there were snow for New Year's when both T and Henry's David will be here. I wonder if David's ever experienced a white winter..?

Oh will you just look at me yapping away here! :-p

How about publicly displaying your fights with your significant other for the whole world to see? Take a look at what this guy and his girlfriend have argued about. Hard to believe that they are still together, huh?

I'm considering how to get time to make my electronic Christmas cards this year.. seems like I haven't really got the time for it. But heck no! I want to do it. Lift my spirit it will. And hopefully make others happy too..a bit at least.

Here's something I think is kinda cool: S C R I B B L E R. Cheers to Kudos for that one! :-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2003 posted by Wardi @ 8:35 PM