Just stumbled upon something. This is odd. I'm not entirely sure whether it's a joke or not. First chewing gum, now this?? Banning somethng that takes place in the privacy of people's homes.. Ummm...

In other news.. Uhh. Nevermind that. It's a grey and foggy day. Have I mentioned before that I hate November? :-p

A week from the actual deadline for our paper/project and we are halfway through the paper. So we have to get a LOT done this weekend. Tonight I should I should get some kind of protottype of the website online.. if I can make it work. Heh! Which reminds me I should find and download that editor that Dan uses. Or a trial version anyway.. It works kinda like Firstpage. Except for the fact that I don't like that, but this other one, UltraEdit, seems much better.

Hopefully I'll be able to get a bit done on my own website sometime this weekend. Here's to optimism! ;-D I have a few ideas that I want to do. Ah well, let's see what happens..

Our instructor is the weirdest person! She came up to us and asked if we had one of the others' phone number and I did on my mobile, so I found it and gave it to her, showing the number. I thought she were going to write down the number, but (without asking!!) she called her! I was dumbfounded! I mean..that was so weird! So.. I still don't know what to think. She's just so weird. And Lea and I just looked at each other like: "what the hell??" Blimey!

Thursday, November 27, 2003 posted by Wardi @ 3:37 PM